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03/19/2018: USCIS Announces H-1B Changes in Three (3) Ways

03/16/2018: New Edition of I-864, Affidavit of Support Form, Edition of 03/06/2018

03/15/2018: Employers, Effective 03/26/2018, USCIS is Scheduled to Release Enhanced E-Verify System

03/15/2018: I-485 Filing Charts for April 2018

03/15/2018: DOL NPWC Webiner 04/03/2018 on H-2B Filing Tips: H-2B Survey Concepts and Employer Filing Tips

03/15/2018: USCIS Updates 03/14/2018 H-1B Processing Times

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 VSC 08/14/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
 NSC N/A - -

03/14/2018: DHS Office of Inspector General Reports Discrepancy of USCIS Website Report on Processing Times for I-485 Applications

03/14/2018: Extension of Employment Authorization for Syrian F-1 Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of Civil Unrest in Syria Since
March 2011

03/13/2018: Announcement of USCIS Release of New Home Page and Website Header in a Few Days

03/13/2018: April 2018 Visa Bulletin Released

  • Dancing EB-3 Indian foreign workers. The final action date chart will move ahead for one year from 01/01/2007 in March to 01/01/2008!! However, filing date chart will move ahead only for three months. What does this mean? Those who have filed EB-485 and are waiting for approval will see only three months moved ahead from 01/01/2008 to 04/01/2008. Good news is for those who have yet to file EB-485. Since Final Action Date chart moved one year ahead, there will be a huge number of Indian EB-3 EB-485 filings in April 2018 because for the EB-485 charts, Indians had to follow the Final Action Date charts. CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!!
  • 03/12/2018: USCIS Schedules a Teleconference on Credit Card Payment of Filing Fees Options

    03/11/2018: USCIS Discloses All the Names of H-1B Visa (364,584 Approved in FY 2017) User Employers

    03/11/2018: USCIS Discloses All the Names of L-1 Visa (36,315 Approved in FY 2017) User Employers

    03/08/2018: DACA March 5, 2018 Rescission Order and DHS Announcement of Continuous Renewal Application Receipt Per the Court Order

    03/08/2018: USCIS New Poverty Guidelines of March 1, 2018 Version Released

    03/07/2018: OFLC PERM PWD and PERM Processing Times as of 02/28/2018

    03/05/2018: Supposed Death Valley for DACA "MARCH 5" To Come and Gone, in Part Abandoned by the Leaders in the Hill

    03/05/2018: Alert - SAVE Goes "Paperless" Effective 05/01/2018

    03/02/2018: OPM Announced All the Federal Offices in Washington D.C. Areas Closed Today for Wind Storm

    03/02/2018: State Department Massive Updates for Visa Reciprocity for the Last Several Months

    03/02/2018: TRS Designation Extension for Syria Until 09/30/2019

    03/02/2018: iCERT Site Down Alert During Weekend

    03/01/2018: H-4 EAD Rescission Proposed Rule Publication Schedule Changed from February 2018 to June 2018

    03/01/2018: DOL PERM "Supervised Recruitment" Webinar of 03/07/2018 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM (EST)

    03/01/2018: American Immigration Council Won in Litigation for EB-1C I-140 Petition for its Employee in a Foreign Country for Nine (9) Years W/O Subsidicary or Affiliate in the Foreign Country

    03/01/2018: USCIS Completes Random Selection Process for H-2B Visa Cap for Second Half of FY 2018

    03/01/2018: USCIS Released EB-485 Inventory Data as of January 2018

    02/28/2018: Sen. Jeff Flake DACA Conditional Provisional Resident Bill, S. 2464, Failed for Debate on the Senate Floor Yesterday and Today

    02/28/2018: SAVE System Modernization is Coming This Week, as Early as Tomorrow, March 1, 2018

    02/28/2018: Time for Collaboration Between Consulting Service Providers and Their Clients under the Changing H-1B and L-1 Visa Environment as Part of Trump Administration's Action of Buy American, Hire American Executive Order

    02/28/2018: February 2018 Comes and Gone Without Planned H-4 Repeal Rule Making Action by the USCIS

    02/27/2018: OFLC PERM Supervised Recruitment Webinar on 03/07/2018, Wenesday

    02/27/2018: PERM System Outage for Mainenance, Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 8:00 pm ET until 11:00 pm ET.

    02/27/2018: Approaching Deadline of Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Annual Verification Requirement on March 2, 2018

    02/27/2018: Effective Today, New Interim Rule Increases Number of Members of EOIR (Board of Immigration Appeals) to 21

    02/26/2018: Senate Returned to the Session Showing No Rush for Any Immigration Reform Legislation

    02/26/2018: The Supreme Court of United States Refused Trump's Request to Review Lower's Courts Preliminary Injunctions Against Trump's March 5, 2018 Rescission of DREAMER Program!

    02/23/2018: USCIS New Policy Memorandum of 02/22/2018 on Mandatory Requirement of Contracts and Itineraries for H-1B Petitions Involving 3rd Party Worksites

    02/22/2018: U.S. Court of Appeals in DC Issued an Order Sustaining Trump Administration Motion for Abeyance of H-4 EAD Rescission Process Instead of Court Ruling in Pending Lawsuit

    02/21/2018: DHS Ombudsman Office Teleconference on EAD on 02/27/2018, Tuesday

    02/21/2018: USCIS March 2018 485 Filing Charts Released

    02/20/2018: USCIS Today Releases Two Updated Forms: I-817 and I-824

    02/16/2018: Effective 03/17/2018, USCIS No Long Accept Power of Attorney (POA) Signature on Forms and Other Documents

    02/16/2018: Senate in Recess Until 02/26/2018

    02/16/2018: USCIS Policy Memorandum of 02/15/2018 on "Exemption to the Temporary Need Requirement for H-2B Workers on Guam" Involving NDAA

    02/15/2018: Senate Failed to Pass Any Immigration Bills

    02/15/2018: USCIS Updates 02/15/2018 H-1B Processing Times as of 12/31/2017

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     VSC 08/07/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
     NSC 11/01/2017 - -

    02/15/2018: USCIS Updates Processing Times on 02/15/2018

    02/15/2018: USCIS Announcement to Comply with Injunctions of Federal District Courts Against Trump's DACA Rescission

    02/15/2018: Here We Go! Senate Scheduled to Vote on Immigration Reform Bills Beginning from 10:30 A.M. (EST)

    02/14/2018: USCIS Updated Form G-1450

    02/14/2018: USCIS to Accept Credit Card Payment for Fees for 41 Forms Which Are Filed with Lockboxes

    02/14/2018: "Secure and Succeed Act" S. 2579 Bill of Six Hardline GOP Senators Introduced in the Senate

    02/13/2018: Federal District Court Judge in New York Issued Preliminary Injunction Against President Trump & DHS Rescission of DACA

    02/13/2018: Senate Voted Yesterday to Debate Immigration Reform by 97:1 Vote

    02/12/2018: March 2018 Visa Bulletin

    02/12/2018: Are You Ready for the Senate Floor Debates and Actions on Immigration Legislation This Week?

    02/09/2018: President Signed the CR as Soon as the House Passed Bill Early This Morning, Officially Reopening the Government

    02/09/2018: House also Passed CR at About 5:30 This Morning and Government to Reopen After About Six Hours of Shutdown This Morning

    02/09/2018: Senate Eventually Passed CR by 71-28 Votes During the Night

    02/08/2018 11:40 PM: Government Legally Shuts Down at Midnight 12:00 P.M. (EST) Today

    02/07/2018: Alert! USCIS Considers Random Selection for H-2B Cap Numbers on 09/30/2018 (Last Day of the Second Half of FY 2018

    02/07/2018: Here We Go! New York Times Report Confirms Our Earlier Report of Development on CR

    02/07/2018: Immigration Issues Out of CR Compromise to Avoid Government Shutdown at Least Until 03/23/2018

    02/06/2018: OFLC PERM PWD and PERM Processing Times as of 01/31/2018

    02/06/2018: Effective 02/01/2018, State Department & USCIS Started Screening Family Members of Refugee Applicants in the U.S.

    02/06/2018: Breitbart Reports There is No March 5 Deadline for DACA

    02/05/2018: Do not Miss Teleconference on FY 2019 H-1B Cap Season and Filing Tips

    02/05/2018: Latest Progress of CR Negotiations to Avoid Government Shut Down on 02/09/2018 (Friday)

    02/05/2018: Some I-601A Applications Transferred from National Benefits Center to Nebrasca Service Center

    02/02/2018: ICE Directive of 01/10/2018 on Civil Immigration Enforcement Actions Inside Courthouses

    02/02/2018: Expired and Renewal of USCIS Form of Letter-Notification of Medical Service Requirements for National Interest Waiver Physicians

    02/01/2018: USCIS Customer Service Tools Scheduled Down Coming Sunday from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm (EST)

    02/01/2018: Reportedly, President Trump Suggested Today to the Republican Lawmakers to Delay in Pushing for Immigration Reform Debate Now

    02/01/2018: Approaching FY-2019 H-1B Cap Petition Season (04/01/2018) and USCIS to Revise I-907 Premium Processing Request Form Soon

    01/31/2018: USCIS Teleconference on Upcoming H-1B Cap Filing Tips on Tuesday, 03/06/2018, 1:00-2:00 PM (EST)

    01/31/2018: USCIS Asylum Interview Schedules: Give Interview Priority to the Most Recently Filed Affirmative Asylum Applications

    01/31/2018: President Trump State of the Union Address Demanding Merit-Based Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation

    01/31/2018: USCIS Notice of Proposed Revision of I-129S Blanked L Petition Form

    01/29/2018: USCIS Processing Time Update Report 01/29/2018

    01/29/2018: USCIS Updates 01/29/2018 H-1B Processing Times as of 11/30/2017

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     CSC 09/26/2017 09/26/2017 09/26/2017
     VSC 07/24/2017 04/10/2017 ouch 04/10/2017 ouch
     NSC 10/01/2017 - -

    01/28/2018: Senators Hatch and Flake S. 2344 (I-Squared) Bill to Increase Annual H-1B Cap and Eliminate Per Country Annual Limit for Employment-Based Immigration


    01/25/2018: OFLC Permanent and Temporary Foreign Labor Certification Applications Processing Fact Sheet Ending 12/31/2017

    01/25/2018: Update of I-942P Form for Income Guidelines for Reduced Fees Released Today

    01/25/2018: Update of I-912P Form for HHS Poverty Guidelines for Fee Waiver Request Released Today

    01/24/2018: Potential Another Government Shutdown on 02/08/2018 and Advisory for Employers to Take Care of PERM & Temporary Labor Certification Applications Timely

    01/22/2018: Both Senate and House Passed CR as Amended to Stop Government Shutdown

    01/22/2018: USCIS Launches a Pilot Redesigned Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate

    01/20/2018: OFLC PERM System Suspended During Government Shutdown

    01/20/2018: OFLC iCERT System Suspended During Government Shutdown

    01/20/2018: Government Shutdown and State Department Releases Notice of 01/20/2018 on its Passport and Visa Processing Operations

    01/20/2018: Government Shutdown and USCIS Releases Notice of 01/20/2018 on Lapse in Federal Funding for Certain USCIS Operations

    01/20/2018: Senate to Reconvene Today for Renegotiation and House Members on Standby in DC Areas for its Potential Followup Session

    01/20/2018 00:10 AM (EST) SPECIAL REPORT: Congress Failed to Pass Continuing Resolution Causing Government Shutdown 10 Minutes Ago

    01/19/2018: The Supreme Court of United States Granted Trump Administration's Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to Review Lower Court's Decision Partially Lifting Presidential Travel Ban

    01/19/2018: House Passed Continuing Resolution, but Government Shutdown Looming Up "Real"

    01/18/2018: Full Text of H.J. Res. 125 (Continuing Resolutions) to Fund the Federal Government from 01/20/2018 to 02/16/2018

    01/18/2018: HHS Poverty Guidelines of 2018

    01/18/2018: USCIS Announcement of Re-Registration Period Now Open for Salvadorans TPS

    01/18/2018: USCIS Announcement of Re-Registration Period Now Open for Haitians TPS

    01/18/2018: Official Federal Register Notice of Termination of TPS for Haiti Effective 07/22/2019 and Registration for Temporary TPS Extension and EAD

    01/18/2018: Official Federal Register Notice of Termination of TPS for El Salvador Effective 09/09/2019 and Registration for Temporary TPS Extension and EAD

    01/18/2018: USCIS Announcement of List of H-2A and H-2B Eligible Counntries

    01/18/2018: List H-2A and H-2B Eligible Countries in 2018

    01/17/2018: Wow, Government Shutdown Decision Two (2) Days to Go!

    01/17/2018: USCIS February 485 Filing Availability Charts

    01/16/2018: Justice Department Filed Notice to Appeal and Intends to Petition for Immediate Supreme Court Review in DACA Lawsuit

    01/16/2018: State Department Prediction of Visa Availability in Coming Months (Final Action Date Charts)

    01/16/2018: February Visa Bulletin Released

    01/16/2018: Written Testimony of DHS Secretary Before Senate Judiciary Committee 01/16/2018 on "Oversight of DHS"

    01/14/2018: OMB Cleared El Salvador TPS Termination and Temporary Extension Registration Notice on 01/12/2018

    01/14/2018: USCIS Announces the Same for its Acceptance of DACA Renewal Applications Pursuant to the Court Order

    01/14/2018: Pursuant to Federal District Court Order, DHS Resumes Accepting and Processing DACA Renewal Applications

    01/13/2018: Identification of H-2A and H-2B Eligible Countries Soon to be Published in the Federal Register

    01/13/2018: OMB Approval of Federal Register Publication of Haiti TPS Termination and Temporary Extension Registration Notice

    01/12/2018: Alert! L-1 Petition Filing Address Change for Current Vermont Service Center Juristiction Effective 02/12/2018

    01/12/2018: Senate Bi-Partisan Immigration Reform Presented to the President and Rejected Yesterday, 01/11/2018

    01/12/2018: State Department Updated 01/12/2018 Reciprocity for Congo, Kuwait, and Paraguay

    01/12/2018: USCIS Alert for TPS El Salvadoran Not to Submit and Pay for Re-Registration Now

    01/11/2018: SAC (Securing America's Future) Act, H.R. 4760, Introduced in the House by Rep. Bob Goodlatte and Other GOP Leaders 01/10/2018

    01/11/2018: Advance Copy of 01/12/2018 Federal Register Notice of FY 2017 Fall (Calendar Year 2018) Rule-Making Agenda

    01/10/2018: Rep. Issa's Announcement Not to Rerun for Congress, H.R. 170, and Trump Planned Reform of H-1B Cap Selection Criteria

    01/10/2018: Thank You FOX News for Your Today's Report of Article: "Trump's Crackdown on Legal Immigration is Hurting America"

    01/10/2018: Approaching TPS Expiration for Haitians on 01/22/2018 and DHS Announcement of Termination of Haiti TPS on 07/22/2019

    01/10/2018: Federal District Court in California Issued Preliminary Injunction Against Rescission of DACA Program

    01/09/2018: Relocation of USCIS London Field Office Effective 01/17/2018

    01/09/2018: Withdrawal of Our Report of McClatchy News Report on Alleged USCIS Consideration of Change of AC 21 H-1B Extension Rules

    01/08/2018: DHS Secretary Official Announcement of TPS Termination for El Salvador After 09/09/2019

    01/08/2018: REAL ID Alert of 01/08/2018 for Flight Travelers

    01/08/2018: Scheduled Announcement of Termination of El Salvador TPS Program after Current TPS Program Expires in 2019

    01/07/2018: USCIS Processing Times Update 01/05/2018

    01/07/2018: USCIS Updates 01/05/2018 H-1B Processing Times as of 10/31/2017

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     NSC 08/31/2017 - -

    (No Changes since the last report.

    01/05/2018: Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence in a Meeting on Immigration with Republican Members of the Senate Yesterday

    01/04/2018: "Hire American" Executive Order Keeps Restricting Non-Immigrant Employment Visas Other than H-1B

    01/04/2018: USCIS Updates I-601A Form of 12/15/2017 Edition

    01/04/2018: USCIS Updates I-485 Supplement J for Confirmation of Bona Fide Job Offer or Request for Job Portability Under 204(j)

    01/03/2018: USCIS Updates I-485 Supplement A Form

    01/03/2018: USCIS Updates I-485 Form

    01/02/2018: Official OFLC Update of PWD and PERM Processing Times as of 12/31/2017

    01/02/2018: USCIS Announcement of Transfer of Some L-1 Cases from VSC and CSC to TSC

    01/02/2018: Another Bad News for H-1B Community: Senator Orrin Hatch Announcement to Retire at the End of this Term

    01/02/2018: Confusion and Mess on Numerous Executive Orders & Proclamation of Travel Ban and Various Federal Court Orders, and State Department Latest Memo of 01/02/2018 for the Visa Posts to give a Guide and deal with Confusion

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